Good to see you!
My name is Dmitriy Lee and I am a big fan of cars. I’ve been working as an automobile 3D artist for 10 years. I was working for Mitsubishi, Infinity and Honda.

As I am an admirer of Jeep Wrangler, in October 2016 I got an idea of a project for the fans of the legendary Jeep Wrangler JK – a virtual custom shop where every user could visually try on car parts and accessories from different manufacturers, change colour, lift suspension, change wheels and many more. To build their own unique Wrangler. In Jeepuzzler only real parts which you can buy are used, therefore any visitor of the shop could build his or her own Wrangler in real life. I am continuing adding new parts and accessories and also creating new functions, so that with time it will become more and more interesting!

I hope this project would be useful for you!

If you want to offer cooperation or to report any violation please let me know.